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Linux - because I want to get there today.

Hobie Cat 16 sailing

On the whole, I'd rather be sailing.


This site is established for the purpose of Linux-boosting, Micro$oft-bashing, and general self-aggrandizement. The contents of this site will include tests, links to interesting spots, demonstrations of various sorts, and may change at my every whim.

Who the heck is Bob McClure?

As you might surmise from the above, I am somewhat of a retro-grouch, a UNIX bigot, and a total geek. My interests include:

Jesus Christ

Yes, I am one of those dangerous people who believe the Bible (in its original manuscripts) is the inspired Word of God and the many copies we have today have not lost or changed any significant meaning from the originals. I try my best to live according to its teachings. But unlike some others, I do not believe in the slaughter of those who oppose my belief system. On the contrary, I pray that they will live long enough to tire of the futility of trying to be "good enough" to be accepted by a Holy God, and will seek His freely available grace and mercy through belief in His Son, Jesus Christ.

Some say Jesus was "a good man" or a prophet. But He said He was the Son of God and correctly predicted His death and resurrection. So there are only three possibilities. He was a liar, so cannot be "good", or he was a lunatic, living a delusion. Or He is Lord.

Bible Verse of the Day

Software engineering

My specialty is Perl or C on a UNIX platform. In fact some companies are thoughtful enough to pay me to design, build, install, and maintain software. My company is Bobcat Open Systems, Inc. and has a web site that explains some of the services we offer, and why you might be interested. You can also check out my resume for more information about my personal qualifications. If you think I could help you solve a problem, let me know.

And, of course, the best UNIX is Linux. "Linux is free. Life is good."

Microsoft: "Where do you want to go today?"
Apple: "Where do you want to be tomorrow?"
Linux: "Well, are you guys coming, or what?"

Some of my favorite Linux .sigs.

Recumbent bicycles

photo of my Rotator Pursuit with fairing at Hotter'n Hell Hundred Yeah, those funny looking bikes that look like a lawn chair on wheels. My current bike is a Rotator Pursuit (long wheelbase, above-seat steering) bike, which has been outfitted with a (nearly) full fairing made of Coroplast. It is my touring "streamliner".

For more information on recumbents, visit the web site of the International Human Powered Vehicle Association. Also interesting is the Recumbents.com web site.

I associate with a loose organization of 'bent riders called R-BENT (Recumbent-Bike Enthusiasts of North Texas). There is an R-BENT web site and mailing list. I am the keeper of the R-BENT membership list. If you would like to be added or removed from the list, or have your listing changed, send me some email.

Hammer(ed) dulcimers

I play the hammer (some call it hammered) dulcimer. Been at it since late 1999. I don't get nearly enough time at it. I own a Master Works Bantamweight chromatic dulcimer. My favorite music to play includes hymns and Celtic harp music.

Amateur radio

I have an Advanced class license, KF5PZ. Can't say I have been very active in the last several years. I've been spending too much time playing with computers.

Here is the current weather in Cumby, TX:

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